ultraCLAVE Microwave Digestion System

  • Extraordinary performanceDirect microwave heating in a high pressure reactor offers speed, high quality results and reproducibility.
  • Extremely high throughputA larger single reaction chamber accommodates up to 40 samples in 20 mL disposable vials.
  • Long-term savingsCost savings are achieved from reduced acid usage, consumables and need for labor.

The ultraCLAVE shares Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology with the ultraWAVE, offering all the same great benefits. However, its larger reaction chamber can accommodate up to 40 samples in 20 mL disposable glass vials, making it the most productive microwave digestion system ever. The ultraCLAVE also delivers the biggest savings in labor and consumables costs, rapidly repaying its higher initial investment cost in high throughput labs.

The ultraCLAVE is designed for simplicity of use.

The ultraCLAVE performs beyond the current limitations of traditional microwave sample preparation. Chemists can digest large sample masses, large batches of mixed sample types, and even the toughest sample matrices requiring sustained high temperatures.

Cross-contamination is non-existent and extremely high throughput can be achieved. Finally, reduced acid usage, consumables, and need for labor provide long-term cost savings.

The ultraCLAVE is based on high pressure autoclave design: at its heart, a single large reaction chamber is pre-pressurized with inert gas and then heated by microwaves. The pressurized chamber serves simultaneously as the microwave cavity and the reaction vessel.

The patented Milestone ultraCLAVE achieves extraordinary performance capabilities by combining direct microwave heating in a high pressure reactor. It offers all the advantages familiar to microwave users: speed, quality of results, reproducibility, and no pollution of the laboratory or environment, while overcoming the restrictions of traditional microwave digestion systems.

Microwave energy is introduced into the reactor through a unique microwave port. This focused-multimode cavity design ensures maximum sample heating efficiency.

Heat generated in the reactor is removed by a re-circulating cooling system, and the stainless steel reaction vessel remains near room temperature throughout the entire heating cycle.

What is Single Reaction Chamber?

The superior alternative to traditional closed and open vessel digestion, the ultraCLAVE offers high throughput laboratories greater digestion capability, while doubling sample throughput, improving workflow and significantly lower operating costs—all with a single, easy-to-use instrument.

How It Works

From sequential process to a parallel one.

By eliminating the traditional control strategy, chemists are no longer constrained to process batches of identical samples using identical sample chemistries and masses.

Even certified reference materials can be processed along with unknown samples for method validation.

This transformation of a sequential process into a parallel one may prove to be the greatest source of increased efficiency in many laboratories.

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