DMA-80 evo Direct Mercury Analyzer

  • No sample prep requiredNo need for acid digestion or other sample treatment prior to analysis.
  • Results in just 5 minutesDramatically improves your laboratory’s turnaround time and productivity.
  • Enhanced sensitivity and wide dynamic rangeAccurate and precise results at ppt levels. Detection from 0.0003 ng up to 30,000 ng. .
  • Lower running costs70% savings compared to other mercury determination techniques. .

At Milestone, we don’t just talk about innovation, we live it. Our direct mercury analysis technology sets the standard for processing speed and precision, offering more than double the productivity of traditional cold vapor techniques at a fraction of the cost per sample. With over 1,800 units installed in 80 countries worldwide, the DMA-80 is the most successful direct mercury analyzer in the market.

Our 7th generation Direct Mercury Analyzer, the Milestone DMA-80 evo, offers an improved design from the inside out with superior performance even at the ppt level. Signal-to-noise ratio is greatly enhanced by our new double beam spectrophotometer, providing higher sensitivity and reproducibility. The DMA-80 evo is easy to use, offering push-button operation, no sample prep and internal temperature monitoring for new levels of safety and convenience. It can handle solid, liquid and gas samples, giving chemists the ability to analyze a wide range of concentrations both accurately and consistently. For over a thousand labs around the world, that’s innovation delivered, over and over again.

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