PYRO Advanced Microwave Muffle Furnace

  • High sample throughputExtremely large working cavity area accommodates up to twelve standard 40 mm wide crucibles at a time.
  • Reduced operating costsExtremely fast heating rate with a temperature reaching 800 °C in 8 minutes dramatically lowers power costs.
  • Comfortable working conditionsNo heat or odors added to the laboratory and a built-in exhaust system removes fumes.

The Milestone PYRO is an advanced microwave muffle furnace suitable for ashing, sulfated ashing, loss on ignition (LOI), residue on ignition (ROI), fusion and other high-temperature reactions under controlled conditions. The PYRO features interchangeable configurations for ultrafast heating setup, high sample throughput setup and sulfated ashing setup, making it the most flexible and adaptable microwave muffle furnace available in the market.

The PYRO microwave ashing systems’ unique design eliminates equipment corrosion and acid fume pollution, greatly reducing analyst exposure to acid fumes. The PYRO also dramatically reduces ashing times by ramping from room temperature to 800 °C in 8 minutes making ashing of samples a fast, effective and simple process.

Sulfate Ashing Benefits Ashing of pharmaceutical, polymer, and food samples often involves the use of H2SO4. Hot sulfuric acid vapor released during these procedures is hazardous to analysts and corrosive to equipment. The PYRO Sulfate Ashing enables analysts to add H2SO4 to samples and place crucibles directly into the microwave muffle furnace without a preliminary charring step. The system is designed for complete operator safety and long life, and performs the complete sulfate ashing procedure in only 60-90 minutes. Reduced Operating Costs The PYRO has an extremely fast heating rate. A typical ashing temperature of 800 °C can be reached in 8 minutes from room temperature. This eliminates the necessity of running the system overnight, and avoids the lengthy heat up times associated with electrical resistance furnaces, dramatically lowering average power costs. High Sample Throughput The PYRO has an extremely large working cavity area. You can easily accommodate up to twelve standard 40 mm wide crucibles at a time. More Comfortable Working Conditions No heat neither odors added to the laboratory. The special microwave-transparent ceramic muffle furnace is an outstanding insulator, minimizing heat loss and transfer to the surrounding area. The ambient temperature of a laboratory will be unaffected, even when the unit is running at its highest temperatures. The built-in exhaust system of the PYRO removes fumes from the interior of the furnace and directs them through an exhaust hose to a fume hood or other outlet. Short Ashing Times Chart displays sample ashing temperature (°C) PYRO ashing time (min) Traditional ashing time (min)

PYRO Ashing Times

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